Tired of worrying about whether the coronavirus is lurking on your countertops or your hands? We just learned about a product out there that will reportedly kill the virus for up to 30 days on surfaces and eight hours if you spray it on your hands.

It's called microSURE and it's not a new product. It was created more than a decade ago to treat diabetic wounds and surgical implants. It's also been approved by the FDA and EPA.

To give you a very layperson's explanation of how it works: Basically, it sprays on wet and bonds to a surface. When it comes into contact with the coronavirus, its spear-like edges puncture the COVID-19 membrane, killing the bacteria inside.

Listen to Mark Lewis, owner of Montana Spirits & Wine who offers the product, explain how microSURE protects from COVID-19:

Credit: Microsure
The image above shows the material on a surface. It is approximately 4
nanometers in height, and has been developed in such a way as it creates
“Crystalline Structures" which penetrate the cellular membrane of a virus or
bacteria. For comparison, a single human red blood cell is approximately 6,000
to 8,000 nanometers in diameter

If you're interested in getting some microSURE or you have questions about the product, email Mark@MontanaSpirits.com.