This company is one of the most popular stores in the nation with families and folks who love buying in bulk, and this idea seems like a home run.

Affordable housing has been a long-standing issue in the Bozeman area, and locals are getting restless. People have been finding alternatives outside of Bozeman and saving hundreds of dollars. The City of Bozeman hasn't made any notable moves to help with the issue, so where can locals look for support?

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One company has an idea for affordable housing that is wild and could possibly be in high demand.

The warehouse giant Costco announced plans to build a store with an entire apartment complex on top of the structure. The ground floor would be a Costco Wholesale, and around 800 apartments on top of the building. This is a radical idea from Costco, and they plan to have a majority of apartments for low-income housing.

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The only downside is this development is planned in California. Costco did announce that if this plan works in California, there is no reason why they wouldn't consider expanding this idea nationwide.

Could you imagine heading home to your apartment above Costco and grabbing a couple of slices of pizza from the food court for dinner? Or grab one of Costco's delicious rotisserie chickens? Who wouldn't love that?

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Bozeman Costco is one of the most popular stores in the entire Gallatin Valley, and who wouldn't want to live right above their favorite store? At least it's nice to see some companies trying to come up with ideas to fix the affordable housing problem. Maybe the City of Bozeman will figure it out one day.

For more details, check out CoStar.

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