Do you remember your High School newspaper? Mine was the Viking Log . . . quite a name! Had we just put a B in front of it, we would have been way ahead of our time.
Well, congratulations to the staff at The Hawk Tawk student newspaper at Bozeman High School, who won the award as the best high school newspaper in Montana among large, AA high schools.
The Pacesetter Award was presented in April by the Montana Journalism Education Association at the University of Montana. The co-editors Hannah Lang and Rosalyn Kutsch, say the paper was nearly canceled three years ago because of low enrollment.
But unlike my “old” High School paper which came out at the end of every 9 week period…today’s Hawk Tawk has an on-line version. Students are creating a digital, searchable archive of the Hawk Tawk which will go back thru the years. It should be up by the end of the month.
Congratulations to the students at Bozeman High School! Nice job and much better than my old “Viking Log”.