If you're in the market for home a new study ranked closing costs as a percentage of median home value. Gallatin County was found to have the lowest closing costs in the state of Montana.

Gallatin County was found to have a 1.1% closing cost as a percentage of home value from a recent study. Ranking second on the list, nearby Jefferson County was found to have a 1.2% closing cost as a percentage of home value.

Closing costs are the charges and fees that are paid when you purchase a home. This can include mortgage insurance, homeowner's insurance, and the property tax for the buyers. The seller traditionally covers ownership transfer fees and real estate commission.

See a full break down of the ranking for the state of Montana in the table below:

RankCountyAvg. Closing CostsMedian Home ValueClosing Costs as % of Home ValueClosing Costs Index
1Gallatin, MT$3,605$330,4001.1%91.86
2Jefferson, MT$3,400$277,5001.2%89.41
3Missoula, MT$3,384$271,4001.3%89.02
4Ravalli, MT$3,361$262,6001.3%88.42
5Flathead, MT$3,352$259,4001.3%88.19
6Park, MT$3,343$255,7001.3%87.92
7Madison, MT$3,340$254,9001.3%87.86
8Stillwater, MT$3,318$246,6001.4%87.21
9Sweet Grass, MT$3,307$242,1001.4%86.85
10Carbon, MT$3,300$239,5001.4%86.63

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