Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black were recently on the popular television show The Masked Singer together as The Snow Owls. They came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their time on the show, their recent collaboration, and the marriage advice they'd give after 30 years together.

Clint and Lisa were in the kitchen together when they received an email. They were being asked to go on The Masked Singer together. At first they were hesitant, but then quickly decided to say yes to the show. They had already loved the show and once they made their decision, the giddiness started to kick in. While on set, everything was very secretive. As most fans of the show know, the contestants dress in head to toe so nothing about them shows. There was one day when Lisa wore sandals to set and they had to give her socks before she could get out of the car. During the entire filming, they never knew who the other contestants were. However, they did hear some other contestants dress rehearsals and at one point believed they heard LeAnn Rimes performing. They turned out to be correct, as Rimes ended up being the Sun and won season four.

After they were eliminated from the show, Clint and Lisa decided they wanted to record a song together after their fun experience. So Clint wrote the song "Til The End Of Time." The song is their latest collaboration, though Clint teased that they will be going on tour together this November and plan to do some of his old duets together.

The two of them not only work well and sing well together, but they've also been married for 30 years. Lisa and Clint met on New Years Eve in Houston 30 years ago this NYE. She came to his New Years Eve concert in their hometown of Houston. Lisa came backstage with her mom because one of their mutual friends was trying to hook Clint and Lisa up. Luckily, there was almost an immediate attraction. They went on their first date and just knew, they got married 10 months and 20 days later.

As for any marriage advice after 30 years together, they shared that communication is the most important. They said to never go to bed angry, and that couples are going to make mistakes and irritate and embarrass each other but ultimately couples should deal with the issues they're having in the moment. They suggested to not wait, but deal with things head on and you'll be able to move on better from it.

Don't miss Clint Black on PBS's Finding Your Roots on February 23rd where they look into Clint's family history.

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