The City of Three Forks is updating its growth policy and is seeking feedback from locals in a brief survey. The growth policy is a guide to decisions about development and public investments.

The survey below will get more specific and build upon what was heard from the community in the first survey. As a Three Forks resident, the survey will as you to choose and suggest various opportunities and actions to help the community achieve its vision.

As part of the survey, you will also be entered into a random drawing of 20 gift certificates for local businesses.

The survey covers questions that involve the following:

  • Improving downtown
  • How to promote economic prosperity
  • Housing choices
  • Recreation
  • Environmental health
  • Transportation

Three Forks City's Growth Policy was last updated in 2006 and the new policy will reflect today's challenges and reflects the vision and goals of the community. As part of the first survey, the community weighed in about what they love about Three Forks, areas where they think the city can improve, and what residents envision for the future of Three Forks.

After the questionnaire is complete by local residents the City of Three Forks will develop preliminary goals and strategies and draft a future land use map. Then the city will move into Phase 3 of the Groath Policy Plan which will include a preliminary plan, draft, and public review.

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