Park City School officials announced via social media that for the rest of this quarter, Park City school will be implementing a new rule. I believe this has it perks but I can also see how this will frustrate some parents. Park City is between Big Timber and Billings, so just down the road from Bozeman.

As the parent of a teenager, I do find comfort in being able to reach my child at anytime during the day in case of emergency, a lock down, or perhaps just a reminder for a scheduled upcoming appointment.


I can also see how negative it is to have students having cell phones during school hours. With all of the terrible things that take place on socials like Instagram, Snap Chat, and more, it's infuriating that instead of seeking help or authority, teens are very likely to record incidents that should ultimately be reported.

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Not only is there an issue with socials, but the distraction cell phones cause for teachers trying to teach is also one of the main concerns.

Reading through the Facebook comments after the post was made, it seems as though most of those people support the idea of having kids without phones. Yes it can be a distraction for both teachers and students, that I do agree with.


While some commenters where not excited about the decision voicing that the "locked up cell phones" is just a way to perhaps put a band-aid on a bigger distraction...bullying.

IF this new rule stays for the long run, will other Montana towns follow in line? We will see what the outcome is at the end of the quarter for Park City School.


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