Nothing is better at Christmas time than carolers out in street singing Christmas songs! This weekend carolers will be descending on a Bozeman neighborhood to spread some holiday cheer and raise some money for a great local cause.

Here's the press release we received this morning from Christmas Caroling For a Cause:

Bozeman, Montana, December 14, 2015– The 3rd annual Christmas Caroling For a Cause event is headed to a south side Bozeman neighborhood this week, and they are ready to spread some holiday cheer. The annual fundraiser - which benefits the HRDC and Haven - immerses both carolers and donors in the more meaningful qualities of the holiday.

“This fundraiser is about reconnecting with the deeper, more compassionate spirit of Christmas. We focus on charity, gratitude, and happiness as we spend time with family and friends preparing for the event.” – Jenine Handley, event organizer

Carolers make their way through a different Bozeman neighborhood each year, singing and collecting donations for the HRDC and Haven as they go. The reception by residents has always been warm, with some homeowners sending out baked goods, hot chocolate, and Christmas cards for the carolers.

Molly Ward has been hosting a caroling party with family and friends for several years. When she found Christmas Caroling For a Cause on Facebook, she decided to join her party with the fundraiser.

“This event provided us with a great opportunity to turn our party into something that benefits the community. The singing experience is always fun - people like the novelty of carolers - they aren't looking for quality singing, just enthusiastic people willing to brave the cold and knock on doors.” – Molly Ward, volunteer

Handley agrees, saying it isn’t about having a big voice - it’s about having a big heart. And, this year they have a lot of big hearts. The group of carolers has grown to include more than seventy volunteers of all ages, a big jump from just ten friends in 2013.

But, it isn’t just volunteers that are helping the fundraiser grow. Local businesses are also getting into the holiday spirit, with two companies offering to cover the cost of printing song books and door hangers for the fundraiser.

“When Republic Services and Pawn Depot signed on as sponsors for this year’s event, I was enormously grateful. Knowing we could say “yes, you CAN become a caroler” to all of the people who wanted to volunteer was truly wonderful.

The carolers will hit the streets in the Westfield subdivision off South 3rd beginning at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday, December 20th. Residents don’t need to worry about the snowy weather having a negative impact on the event. Handley says the carolers are excited about the freshly fallen snow blanketing Bozeman.

It’s going to be so beautiful. And, yes, we will definitely be singing “Winter Wonderland” this year! –

To volunteer as a caroler, or for more information about Christmas Caroling For a Cause, please contact Jenine Handley at (406) 581-3579, or email her at