More buildings, more apartments, more stores, etc. This has basically become the theme for Bozeman and well, Montana in general. Just down the road from our radio station there are plans for a large apartment complex going up that includes underground parking.

There is one California couple that is not too happy about being told no.

The couple has started building a cabin inside of Glacier National Park. Don't get me wrong, that would be a dream location. The wildlife, the scenery, the smell of serenity every morning when you have your morning coffee or tea. Sounds like a dream, right? Unfortunately for this couple, they forgot a major permit that needed to be obtained. The permit is free, there is literally no cost to applying for one.
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In Montana, you are required to get a permit from a Conservation District if you are doing any work in or near a stream. These permits are required under the Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act, known as the 310 Law. The Flathead Conservation District administers 310 permits for the Flathead County area. There is no cost to getting a permit, but it can take 30-60 days to receive your permit.
So why didn't the couple just apply for the permit? Perhaps because they figured they would be rejected. The cabin they are building is on the bank of the McDonald Stream. A beautiful location that would be the perfect spot for a year-round cabin.
Unfortunately, it has been determined that the Flathead Conservation District has jurisdiction over the area where the couple from California has started building. Because of this determination, their building plans have been put on hold and they have been told they need to remove the home AND make sure the stream bed has been rebuilt accordingly. This is all supposed to be completed by April 1, 2024. Will that happen? Most likely not. The couple does plan to appeal the decision.
Of course we all dream of having a home in one of America's Most Beautiful National Parks, we would just make sure we apply for the FREE and proper permits before breaking ground.
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