Most people have summer on their mind when Memorial Day rolls around.  They are thinking about barbecuing, camping, and being outside. While most of the country views Memorial Day as the unofficial start to summer, some of us here in Montana know better.

We were bummed out by the forecast and think spring is off to a slow start. But is that really the case?

Pondering this question inspired us to look back at the past decade of Bozeman Memorial Day weather in order to figure out just how upset we should be by the forecast. Turns out Memorial Day 2019 looks as if it will resemble 8 of the last 10, with rain in the forecast.

Our forecast for Memorial Day 2019 in Bozeman, according to Wunderground, is 54 degrees with periods of rain.

Here's what the weather has been like on Memorial Day in Bozeman for the past decade:

2018: 74 degrees Rain

2017: 76 degrees Clear

2016: 67 degrees Rain

2015: 70 degrees Rain

2014: 81 degrees Clear

2013: 64 degrees Rain

2012: 59 degrees Rain

2011: 54 degrees Rain

2010: 74 degrees Rain

2009: 69 degrees Rain

This year's weather isn't that abnormal, in other words, don't be bummed out by the weather ... it's the norm here in Bozeman. So, pack your rain coats if you are heading out and keep your swimsuit in the closet, because Memorial Day and rain go hand-in-hand.

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