We already know that we have to keep our food out of the reach of bears, but now it seems like we have to worry about locking up our electronics as well.

Mike Potter, who lives in Whitefish, posted a video of a brown bear to his Facebook page a few days ago. According to his Facebook post, the bear has been hanging out in a steel culvert next to the road near Whitefish. They've tried to lure it out by baiting it, but it just won't seem to budge. Maybe they should trying luring it out with an iPad. It seems to have a taste for electronics.

In the short video below, you can see the bear with the laptop in its mouth.

As temperatures in Montana continue getting warmer, bear sightings will become more and more common. Make sure you're prepared if you are going to be in an area where bears are present.

Last week, a Grizzly Bear was seen playing in the snow in Yellowstone. Watch the video here.

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