Some would say that the art of "Customer Service" is becoming a lost one.

I ordered an item of clothing about 6 weeks ago from an online store and they kept pushing back the shipping date. Well, when I ordered it, I didn't live in Bozeman, or even in Montana for that matter, so I called to update the shipping address since it still hadn't shipped.

That's when the trouble started.

I was told that they couldn't update the address and that my only option was to cancel and re-order.  I asked, "Will you honor the original sale price?". "We are not obligated to do that" was the response I received.

Customer Service

This went back and fourth, adding to my frustrations. Finally, after a couple of transfers and a call back, I was on the phone with someone that understood my angst.  He not only honored the sale price, he knocked another 10 percent off of it.

That got me thinking, we are quick to let people know about businesses that have poor customer service, but why not celebrate those with fantastic customer service?

So we asked our XL Country listeners.

Some of the local businesses receiving high praise for their outstanding customer service:

These of course are only a handful of local businesses that great customer services, if you know of one that needs to make the list, let us know!  We would love to pass them along.

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