Over the weekend I did something I haven't done in years. My wife, family, friends and I headed over to a karaoke spot here in Bozeman, and I have to tell you, it was an absolute blast!

While I didn't actually get up and perform (I'm a horrible singer), everyone at my table did and I certainly enjoyed singing along with them (from a distance, away from a microphone).

Oh, and just a quick observation, it seems to me that there are a couple of different types of folks that do karaoke. The "serious performer" singer and the "I'm just here to have a good time" singer.

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First up is the "serious performer".  I have to tell you, I was really impressed by some of the talented people that I saw.  Some of these folks were really good and you could certainly tell this wasn't their first rodeo. However, one of my observations from the "serious performer" was a lot of slow songs, and often a lot of slow country songs.

Microphone on stage against a background of auditorium

Then there is the "I'm just here to have a good time". I'll be honest, these are my favorite.  You've heard of that phrase "dance like no one is watching"?  Well, these folks sing like no one is watching and it really is a whole lot of fun, and I wish that I had their confidence. Also, you're way more likely to hear "Love Shack" sung by this group.

Woman sing over color background. Focused on arm.

So, where are the best spots in Bozeman to do karaoke? Here are our Top Picks:

  • Happy Box. Happy Box is located on Main in downtown Bozeman. Not only can you sing your heart out, you can also order some delicious food.
  • Bar IX. Bar IX is also located downtown on Main, and they offer up karaoke on Tuesday nights. Plus, they have other fun events throughout the week.
  • Fraternal Order of the Eagles. The Eagles is also a great place to belt out a tune or two. Plus, it's a super cool atmosphere with folks of all ages hanging out and having a good time.

Do you enjoy karaoke? If so, where are some of the places you enjoy singing? Is there a place we missed that needs to make our list?  Be sure and let us know.

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