With Bozeman kids heading back to school on September 8th, The Bozeman Schools Foundation is helping to raise money to make sure that the students will have enough masks, hand-sanitizer, and cleaning wipes.

BSF launched Operation Safe Schools as a way to engage the community and make sure that Bozeman students have what they need when they return to school in another week. “We want to bring our community together to keep our students and teachers safe,” said BSF Executive Director Judy Slate.

Providence Mental Health is helping BSF kick-off the fundraiser by donating a cloth mask for all 550 teachers. The masks have filter insert pockets, and the donation comes with KN95 masks, which can be used as filters.

Providence Mental Health CEO and founder Kevin Maxwell said, “We aim to provide comprehensive community care. Teachers are vital, yet too often neglected members of our community. Supporting the safety and health of our teachers is key in maintaining community wellness. Providence is donating cloth and KN95 masks to teachers in the hope that our classrooms are optimal for learning.”

If you would like to help out and donate to Operation Safe Schools click on the button below.

Bozeman Schools Superintendent Bob Connors says the District is appreciative of the help during this challenging time. “Thank you so much for heading this effort,” Connors said.

According to its website, The Bozeman Schools Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and expanding Bozeman’s commitment to excellence in public education. In support of Bozeman School District #7, they supplement the traditional educational experience by providing additional resources to inspire, enrich, and reward the educational ambition of district students and educators.

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