Bozeman native Cmdr. Susan Pinckney took command of the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC-28) in a ceremony aboard Naval Station Norfolk on July 16th. Cmdr. Pinckney relieved Cmdr. Trevor Prouty to become the first female Commanding Officer of the HSC-28.

“I am excited and honored to take over as the commanding officer of HSC-28.  Regardless of gender, I am extremely lucky that I was chosen to be the Commanding Officer of HSC-28, a squadron in which I has previously served and held in very high regard,” said Pinckney. “This squadron is composed of many of the best men and women I have had the opportunity to work with throughout my naval career.”

Pinckney also outlined some plans she has as commander for HSC-28.

“My goals for the Dragon Whales are threefold," said Pickney. "First, to maintain the ability to meet all operational tasking and capably respond to contingency tasking.  Second, to develop each Dragon Whale to meet their best potential.  Third, to continue to the lay the ground work for success in HSC-28’s future tasking."

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