The weather is finally getting nicer, and many Bozemanites are eager to spend time outdoors after the long winter. The Bozeman area has seen an influx of new residents lately, and many of the people moving here may have some difficulty adjusting if they're moving from a more populated area.

In addition to locals and new residents, the warmer weather means tourist season will be in full swing before we know it. Tourism provides an economic boost to the state of Montana every year.

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Montana is known as "The Last Best Place", and those that live here are always willing to give advice to newcomers and tourists in order to keep it that way. Recently, on the Bozeman Reddit page, users compiled a list of some great tips for those planning on visiting Yellowstone National Park this summer to ensure you make the most of your trip.

One tip is to plan a trip to YNP before peak tourist season. Things generally get very busy in the park from late June through early September. Planning a trip in the spring or fall will give you a chance to enjoy the park with fewer people.

Reddit user revmachine21 offered some great advice to avoid dying when you visit YNP.

Don't [expletive] around with animals. Keep your distance, and stay on the marked paths, most especially the marked paths around the thermal features.

To read more tips about visiting Yellowstone National Park, click here.

Not all roads in Yellowstone National Park are opened for the season. Currently, the west entrance, east entrance, and north entrance are open. The south entrance and Beartooth Highway are slated to open later this month. For more information on Spring opening dates in Yellowstone National Park, click here.

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