Me: I'm a meat and potatoes guy, a total and complete carnivore. My wife, on the other hand, doesn't eat meat...or gluten. It's always been a bit of an issue when we decide to go out and eat. She's a champ though, and will just usually order a "salad" while I dine on something that is medium rare and delicious.

When we were debating on moving to Bozeman, we flew out and spent a weekend checking out the town and the thing that won her over? The mountains? The vibrant downtown? All the dog friendly parks? All the super cool shops that are completely unique? I mean, those were all huge positives, but the thing that really got her was all of the vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options!

As someone that is coming from a place that there aren't a whole lot of options for those with specific dietary restrictions, this really does make Bozeman a rarity!

A quick Google search of "Gluten Free Bozeman" came back with a large variety of options for those that either can't have or choose not to do gluten. From sushi to pasta to pizza, there are so many great options for gluten-free folks and the real kicker - they are high-quality and they taste great, which isn't always the case.

photo - Michelle Wolfe
photo - Michelle Wolfe
Pizza Margharita
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Almost every restaurant and deli/grocery store in Bozeman has several vegetarian/vegan options, so it really does make dining out or grabbing something to take home a breeze! Whatever your choice when dining in Bozeman, if you find something that is must have, let me know! We're always looking to try new things!

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