The City of Bozeman announced on Wednesday afternoon that Chris Mehl will resign his position as the Mayor of Bozeman effective at 5 p.m. today.

In a statement issued by the City, Mehl says,

It’s been an honor to serve Bozeman for more than ten years, and I thank the voters for that repeated opportunity. I care deeply about our community. While I was working to be a proactive and prepared representative under the city charter, other commissioners do not see it that way.

Bozeman has many challenges before it, and I don’t want to disrupt critical work on behalf of the citizens. I have work to do myself. I also look forward to serving Bozeman in other ways.

Deputy Mayor Cyndy Andrus will be sworn in as mayor this evening, and will assume the role immediately thereafter.

Mehl's resignation comes on the heels of a Bozeman Chronicle article that stated the City's commissioners had condemned him for allegedly bullying and harassing city employees. The commissioners called a special meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the mayor's behavior, but no action was taken at that time.

The Chronicle quoted deputy mayor Cyndi Adrus as saying, “He has been a devoted elected official for many years now. He is unflagging in his energy, but he has also, over the years, exhibited behavior that is unprofessional, intimidating, and unacceptable as a public official.

Mehl has only been Bozeman's Mayor since January. Previous to that, he served for two years as the City's deputy mayor.

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