A Bozeman man was arrested on suspicion of strangling his significant other.  On Monday, a Bozeman police officer responded to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital to speak to a female assault victim.

She told police she was in a romantic relationship with Daniel Ornelas while he was also reportedly seeing another woman. Ornelas allegedly became aggravated when asked to choose between the two women and attacked the victim. He began strangling her with both hands around the neck, according to the victim's statement.

The officer observed that the victim had bruising on the front of her throat consistent with thumb marks from being strangled. She also had other observed bruising on her shoulder and pain while breathing, due to possible cracked ribs.

The victim was able to get away and fled to have a cigarette on the roof. Officers arrived and Ornelas threatened her to tell the police everything was ok. The victim stated that after the officers left, Ornelas continued to assault her by dragging her across the apartment, kicking her, striking her, and throwing her against the bathroom door.

A next-door neighbor stated that he remembered yelling occurring after officers had left. Ornelas was arrested for strangulation of a partner and is being held without bond. According to police documents, Omelas claims he did not harm the victim in any way.


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