Well, I am not sure which one of you has gone and done it, but whoever it was, SHAME ON YOU!

Every now and again we hear about "trolls" or people who are just downright mean with their words and their actions. So I can not help but wonder what was said or done to this person to make them feel SO incredibly hurt that they are moving.

townsquare media
townsquare media

I am not a fan of making people feel bad about themselves, or where their parents decided to birth them, and now we hold them accountable for "being from California" or wherever. I mean, when I received numerous, "go back to where you came from" messages, I was like, "No thanks, it's super cold there".

At what point are we just gonna stop being jerks to people. For real, let's think about it for a minute. Here is a scenario: let's say 5 years ago a few kids come here from another state that borders the ocean to go to college. So they are technically not "from here", but they went to college here, they are going to start a family here, shop at stores here, etc". So do they get to be told, "go home"?

If people are going to be pissed at people for "ruining Bozeman", I highly doubt it should be the young people attending college here, giving the university the largest enrollment ever.

With all this being said, I will apologize to this craigslist user. You have the right of speech and I am sorry that a couple of dingleberries decided to ruin your time here. According to THIS ARTICLE HERE, there is a good chance they are not even from here anyway.

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