Great news! Free food samples are coming back to Costco this month. According to USA Today, Costco will be bringing back food sample to most of its store by the end of June.

We reached out to the Bozeman Costco location and were told that free food samples are expected to return Monday, June 7. Food sampling and demos at the wholesale retailer were eliminated in March 2020 at the onset of the pandemic.

In a Q3 earnings call on Thursday, May 27, Costco says they will begin a phased return to full food sampling in June. The first wave will include around 170 of Costco's 550 locations in the country. Those locations are expected to bring back food samples the first week of June, with the rest of the locations expected to bring back food samples by the end of the month.

Increased safety protocols will be in place. All samples will be prepared behind plexiglass, in smaller batches, and will be distributed to members one at a time.

Food courts at most Costco locations will also reopen fully in June. Some changes include added menu items (a new and improved churro), and tables and seating for customers. Costco will also introduce a new high-end ice cream that will replace the company's frozen yogurt.

By June 7, Costco plans to have tables and seating back at most locations, but with more physical separation, and half of the seating capacity the store had prior to the pandemic.

Food samples returning to Costco are definitely an indication of things getting back to normal.

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