My buddy sent me a message the other day letting me know that I had to go to Storm Castle Cafe here in Bozeman.

Now, keep in mind, the Storm Castle Cafe has been on my shortlist for a while, but this friend of mine lives in Missouri, so I asked "Have you ever been there?"  to which he replied, "No, but I saw it on the Food Network, try the Monte Cristo".  Chalk another one up to Guy Fieri.

Interestingly enough, today just happens to be "National Monte Cristo Day".

Full disclosure, I don't think I've ever tried a Monte Cristo, which is crazy to me because I'm a fat guy and love food.  I've heard of them and I know they are a sandwich, but I had to actually google what went into making one.

Well, let's just say Monte Cristo just went to the top of my list.

While there are several different varieties, basically you get the best of both worlds.  Savory and Sweet.  Its kind of like French toast meets a grilled cheese with meat, then you put some powdered sugar on there and dip it jam or syrup.

So, bread, meat, cheese, sugar, and jam/syrup? Um, yes, please!

I'm a sandwich guy and anytime I can have a sandwich that is both a sandwich AND Dessert?  I'm going to take that option, and according to tons of reviews on different websites, the Monte Cristo at the Storm Castle Cafe is the best around, plus according to their menu, you can add eggs and hash browns to the meal.

I think I might have just figured out my lunch plans.

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