Living in Bozeman means outdoor experiences, Bobcat Football, and great music and nightlife.

Of course, the city has grown over the years, and as more people move in, there are several new places to check out. Bozeman has a ton of places to eat and drink, not to mention all of the different festivals and long-standing traditions that make Bozeman, Bozeman.

So, if you were going to make a Bozeman Bucket List, what would make your Top 10?

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The question was proposed on Reddit and several folks chimed in on what they thought was an absolute Bozeman Bucket List item. You may or may not agree with some of the suggestions, and for the purpose of this list, we will be adding the surrounding areas as well, just for a little variety.

So, let's take a look at some of the things folks suggested:

  • Eating at the Western Cafe. Eating at the Western is certainly Top 10 worthy if you ask me. What an iconic place that not only represents the best of old Bozeman, but the best of small-town Montana.
  • Lewis and Clark Caverns. This is one of the coolest things you can do, and should certainly make the Top 10.  However, having said that, here's a word of warning; if you are super tall, or super wide, it might be a bit of a challenge to navigate through the caverns.
  • Float the Madison. This is a perfect way to spend part of your day when the weather turns warm around Bozeman. The river is super chill and the view is super impressive. Certainly a Top 10-worthy candidate.
  • Hiking to the M. There are countless hiking opportunities here in Bozeman and around Montana, but a definite Top 10 contender would be hiking to the M. There are a couple of options when it comes to getting there. One is shorter, but much steeper, while the other is longer but better suited for most folks.
  • Museum of the Rockies. The Museum of the Rockies doesn't disappoint. The Museum, which is open all year long, is a fantastic place to take out-of-state friends.  The exhibits are world-class and during the summer, you can check out what it was like to be a homesteader in Montana back in the day.
photo: Michelle Wolfe
photo: Michelle Wolfe

Of course, these are just a few suggestions to add to a Top 10. What would you add to the list? What is something that you think is an absolute must-do and needs to be on the Bozeman Bucket List?

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