The Gallatin City-County Health Board is scheduled to meet on Tuesday and will consider at that time allowing bar and restaurants to stay open an hour later until 12:30 a.m. The change would also be for breweries, distilleries, and casinos. In addition, there would also be limited seating at bars with restrictions to limit contact with serving areas, bartenders or staff.

“The only changes being proposed to the local rule would be to make the local rule consistent with the governor’s directives issued earlier this week,” said Matt Kelley, Health Officer for Gallatin City-County Health Department. “The intention is to keep our local rule on pace with the statewide reopening rules.”

Last week we did see a sudden spike of positive cases of COVID-19 in Gallatin County. However, we currently have only 5 active cases in the county with zero of those requiring hospitalization. The state of Montana has two people hospitalized for COVID-19. Last week, the state recorded its 18th death when a man in his 60s passed away with the virus in Big Horn County.

Gallatin Co COVID-19 Stats

Credit: Gallatin Co Health Dept
Credit: Gallatin Co Health Dept

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