Full disclosure, before moving back to Montana and settling in Bozeman, I spent the last several years living in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Grand Forks, as some of the nicest folks I've ever known live there.  I've got nothing bad to say about North Dakota, once again, lovely people, salt of the earth type of folks...except for "Fargo Freddy". Unfortunately, I had to deal with "Fargo Freddy" for far too long.

Now, you might be asking yourself, who the heck is "Fargo Freddy"?  Oh trust me, you all know a "Fargo Freddy".

He's that annoying and over the top North Dakota State fan that you'll see trolling on social media for the next few weeks.  In fact, he's already started. He'll be posting memes about the Bison and talking about all of their Championships. He will say something stupid and silly like "the Bison could beat Alabama on a neutral field!"

Whatever you do, don't fall for his tricks! That's exactly what he wants. He wants you to engage, but don't do it! We as Montanans and Bozemanites are better than that...for the most part.


No, the best thing we Montanans and Bobcat fans can do is take the high road. We've got a fantastic team. We're led by a Quarterback that is Montana proud and strong. The rest of our offense has some top-notch playmakers. We have a defense that should absolutely put fear in any team we would play.

Then of course we have our secret weapon.

Our coach, who by the way for years, coached in front of Fargo Freddy and all of his friends. He knows the team, knows the program, knows the history behind all of it.  He was an instrumental part in putting together what is truly an impressive program. He's exactly the guy you want when planning on how to attack and take down a team that has become a dynasty.

Here's the thing about dynasties though, at some point, they all come to an end. Fingers crossed that begins on January 8th.

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