When it comes to culinary creations, let's be honest...some are hit or miss.

Here in Big Sky Country, we're known for a few foods that might raise an eyebrow or two.  Of course, the first one that comes to mind is Rocky Mountain Oysters. For some, it's a real treat, for others, it's an absolute deal breaker. Pasties are another local favorite, along with porkchop sandwiches and anything with huckleberries.

However, according to one publication, the "weirdest food" in Montana just might be an acquired taste.

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The folks over at Parentztalk came out with a list of the weirdest foods in each state and some of these dishes don't sound half bad, having said, Montana's contribution to the list doesn't sound like something that I'm in a hurry to try.

credit: canva
credit: canva

Before we reveal Montana's weirdest food, let's take a look at 12 unique things Montana is known for.

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So which Montana food is considered the weirdest?  According to Parentztalk that would be pemmican. For those not familiar with the dish, it originated in Canada and is a mixture of a few different things. According to the article, pemmican can be described as the following:

"Made out of lean meat that's been sliced and dried, and then pounded into a powder, pemmican is then mixed with dried berries and mixed with animal fat."

Pemmican is often made out of game such as bison, deer, elk, or moose. Although you can use other proteins such as fish, fowl, or beef.

credit: canva
credit: canva

The history of the dish is certainly an interesting one, going back hundreds of years and a staple in the Native American community. It was something that could be made in large quantities and used as a source of food while traveling as it didn't require refrigeration. In fact, the dish is still popular today within certain cultures.

Have you ever tried pemmican? If so, what do you think? Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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