It doesn't really matter who you are or where you come from there is a good chance you have experienced some sort of rudeness or bullying in your life. Whether it is unkind words that have ruined your day, or  inappropriate hand gestures while driving, the reality is we have all had a dose of it.

A study from WalletHub recently came out in which they found the "Most Caring Cities in America". And if you were to ask anyone new to Montana, this study would be accurate.

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Unfortunately for the state of Montana, not even ONE city made the list. Now I will say, there are some cities in Montana that I have been to that I have found to have the most caring people I have ever met. For example, Livingston, MT. The people of Livingston have always been warm with their greetings, kind with their words, and contagious with their smiles.


I will admit that there have also been some towns I have been to that make me think "this study from WalletHub is 100% accurate". Sorry not sorry.

You can find all of the methods WalletHub used to determine with cities belonged on and off of the list at the link below. What do you think? Should there be at least one city/town form Montana on the list of "Most Caring Cities in America?" I would say yes.


cc: WalletHub

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