It's fair week in Bozeman! The Big Sky Country State Fair runs July 18-24 out at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Everyone pretty much knows what goes on at the fair. There are carnival rides, petting zoos, concerts, food, and lots of crafts & vendors. But I bet you didn't know this about the Big Sky Country State Fair:

  • There will be 36 porta potties for the comfort of fair-goers and that the fair will go through 240,000 feet of toilet paper during its seven-day run
  • The carnival travels with a staff of about 85 and purchases $4,000 in petroleum to from local businesses to run the rides. They also hire 16-20 locals for additional staff
  • It costs nearly $400,000 to put on the fair. This does not include salaries. $240,000 is spent on entertainment (which is free for you with your fair admission)
  • 100% of the fair's net proceeds go back into the fair for capital improvements
  • It will cost $20,000 to bring in Old Dominion for their concert Friday night. They were booked many months ago, but if the fair was to book them for a concert today it would cost around $100,000
  • There are over 320 4-H animals entered into this year's Big Sky Country State Fair
  • Last year's heaviest steer weighed 1,554 pounds. That would make about 600 quarter-pound burgers.

Enjoy this year's fair. For a Big Sky Country State Fair schedule click here.