We are seeing it more and more as every day passes here in Montana. Big corporations coming in and buying out locally owned businesses. Some of those businesses have been "local" for 30+ years. Now you can only purchase something that is for sale, and such as life it typically will go to the highest bidder per say.

One of the latest examples is what has been a locally owned family business for 20+ years, The Best Western, The GranTree, The Club Tavern, whatever you choose to call it, in Bozeman, was purchased by an out of state buyer. As of last week, the beloved hot spot is now also managed by a new management company.

This has created not only uneasy feelings, but also panic for customers and employees. Some of the employees have been working at The Best Western for over 15 years and as we all know, change is never easy, especially when it happens almost overnight.

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Job security, HR changes, and everyday tasks that have been followed and allowed for so many years, makes any employee feel threatened.

Customers are nervous that their favorite hangout will change some of their favorite things like weekly specials, discounts, and the over all atmosphere. Some have already seen some unfavorable changes but continue to support their favorite staff they have been seeing weekly for years and years.

Voted for numerous "Bozeman's Best Awards", The Best Western and The Club Tavern has been a spot that people know they can go to and have great food, great drinks, and exceptional service.

Bozeman doesn't love change, many people don't in general, so will one of our favorite "local" spots turn into a business first, customer's and staff second kind of spot? Let's hope not.

Best of luck to the new owners of one of Bozeman's favorite's.

cc: The Best Western, The GranTree, The Club Tavern and Grill

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