Sushi may not be for everyone, but personally I'm a huge fan. Since moving to Bozeman in June, I've had a chance to check out all of the sushi places, and have narrowed them down to a list of my top three. This is just my opinion, but if you decide to go to one of the places on this list, you definitely won't be disappointed.


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    Seven - 113 E. Oak Street

    Seven is my favorite place to go for Sushi in Bozeman. The fish is always fresh, and the service is always excellent. If you're looking for a great sushi experience, I would highly recommend Seven.

  • Jesse James

    Dave' Sushi - Off Main - 115 N. Bozeman Ave.

    Dave's Sushi - Off Main is also a great place to go for sushi. The sushi chefs are very creative when it comes to presentation, and you always get your money's worth.

  • Jesse James

    Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse - 1320 N. 19th Ave.

    Wasabi is not only a great place to get sushi, it's also a Japanese Steakhouse. They even have the hibachi grills and will toss shrimp at you. It is a great place to plan your next birthday party!