It's officially soup season in Montana, and if you want to warm up with a delicious bowl of soup on a cold winter day, here are some of the best soup spots in the Bozeman area.

Chicken soup
Rafal Stachura

There's something about a nice warm bowl of soup that just hits the spot when temperatures begin to drop in Montana. When the wind and snow outside chill you to the bone, a bowl of soup can be a blessing.

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We recently asked our listeners where to find the best soup in the Bozeman area, and we received a lot of great suggestions. However, the most common response was that homemade is the best. If you have the time to make soup at home, that's apparently the way to go. I'm not sure if chili counts as a soup, but I've got a crockpot full of it cooking at home right now.

Cooking your own soup can be time-consuming and at times complicated, but it's definitely worth the effort. If you're busy and can't find the time to make soup at home, there are a lot of great options in the Bozeman area.

Tomato Soup
Photo by Julia Kicova on Unsplash

Many restaurants feature a soup of the day, so if you plan on going out to eat, you'll most likely find a soup option on the menu of a lot of restaurants around town. Other restaurants in the area have earned a great reputation for soup exclusively.

If you're hungry and looking for a way to keep the chill of winter away, you can find a list of some of the best soup spots in Bozeman below.

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