One of the most asked questions on social media for the last couple of years is, "what's the best rental company", "who does everyone rent from", and "where can I rent an apartment that is within my budget"? Rent, especially in Bozeman, is a hot topic anytime you are talking about Montana.

Distinctly Montana came out with "Best of Montana 2023", and on that list you can find who is the best property management group in the entire state, along with who was the runner up. I was personally not surprised to see that my current rental company placed Number 1.

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The winners of each category are nominated by you, the people, and then voted on by the public.


Montana Best Property Management Company of 2023  goes to:


Like I said above, I personally rent from RTE, and this win really doesn't shock me. I have never had an issue with my rental and prices are very fair, actually less than the "average" priced apartment.

RTE has apartments available in both Bozeman and Belgrade with open floor plans, onsite gyms, and spacious bedrooms. Good news for pet owners, your fur babies are also welcome at most, if not all, of their locations.


If you're looking for someone to manage your rental home, take care of the maintenance and be there to keep an eye on your property, you could check out the runner up:


You can check out Yellow Pine Inc. by just clicking below.


Congrats to all the 2023 Winners!

cc: Distinctly Montana, RTE Property Group, Yellow Pine Inc

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