One of my favorite places to hang out is the barbershop. Oh, and the more old-school, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

There's nothing better than sitting around while getting a haircut and/or a shave and talking about politics, sports, war stories, and the occasional dirty joke. Some of my best memories as a kid revolve around the local barbershop in my hometown. Plus, you walk out of there looking and smelling like a million bucks with all of the talc powder and bay rum aftershave.

For many small towns, the barbershop is the go-to place to know what's happening around town, and certainly somewhere you can get the latest and greatest in local gossip. Plus, once you find a great barber, you certainly want to keep coming back to them.

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So, which barbershops make the cut here in the Bozeman area?  Where can you go to great a great haircut or hot shave and have the "barbershop" experience?

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Check out the "Buzz" on these Barbershops:

  • American Treasure Barbershop, which is located on Gallatin Park Drive, is a full-service shop that offers different cuts, as well as hot shaves and beard trimming.
  • The Barbershop and Shaving Parlor is located on Oak and according to their website, they're a "modern barbershop." However, they offer all the traditional services that you would expect any barbershop to offer, including hot shaves and beard trimming.
  • Elkhorn Barbershop is located downtown on N. Grand and has all of the services you would expect, including hot shaves.
  • Mankind Barbershop and Shave Parlor is located in Four Corners and has a staff with a whole lot of barber history. With several different types of haircuts available, and multiple shaving options, including hot shaves, they have you covered.
  • Max's Old Time Barber and Hot Shaves is located in Belgrade and according to online reviews, is a pretty popular place, so you might want to be prepared to wait a bit. Of course, if you're wondering what services they offer, I think their name says it all.
  • Sellsword Barber Co is located on W Main and according to the website considers itself a "Pure American Barbershop." They offer all the traditional services you would expect and are highly rated online.
  • The Upper Cut is located on E. Main in downtown Bozeman right in the heart of the shopping and restaurant district.  They are considered a "traditional barber and shave shop" according to their website, and offer all of those services.
  • VIP Barber Lounge is located on N. 7th and offers all the traditional services of a barbershop. Including hot shaves. Oh, and for an added bonus, the "mullet" is on their menu, which automatically makes them cool.
McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing

I know that most of us feel like we're always in a rush, however, going to the barbershop, waiting to get your hair cut, and partaking in the conversations is one of life's pleasures. Oh, and if you've never had a hot shave before, I would highly recommend one.  They are a luxury that every man should experience.

What's your favorite barbershop in the area? Who's your favorite barber? Be sure and let us know.

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