We might not have the best weather year-round, but we pack plenty of outdoor fun into the warmer months. 

Amusement parks are a great place to have fun with go-karts, mini golf, waterslides, and more. Unfortunately, Montana is  limited to roughly five months of decent weather during which amusement parks can operate, so we don't have a very wide variety of parks. This only makes my question all the more important: which Montana amusement park is the best?

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Finance Buzz published a list of the Best Amusement Park in Every State, and the selection for Montana makes a lot of sense. The best amusement park in Montana is Big Sky Waterpark in Columbia Falls, Montana. 

Big Sky Waterpark via Facebook
Big Sky Waterpark via Facebook

Big Sky Waterpark is a staple of Northwest Montana and was a vital part of my childhood. If you grew up loving waterslides and being outside, Big Sky Waterpark was the place to visit during the summer. There are several waterslides perfect for hanging out or speeding down, and it's great family fun. 

Plus, if you get tired of waterslides, they also offer bumper cars, mini golf, and a giant climbing wall. 

Big Sky Waterpark via Facebook
Big Sky Waterpark via Facebook

We mentioned Big Sky Waterpark when we discussed the best place to go for mini golf in Montana. The only other amusement park that rivals Big Sky Waterpark is the Amazing Fun Center down the road in West Glacier. This amusement park has mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats, and a maze. 

If you're looking for some last-minute summer fun before the school year begins, you might want to head up to Northwest Montana and hit up Big Sky Waterpark

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