The Belgrade Police Department has issued a warning about suspicious activity in the area.  A Belgrade resident reported a man who approached her home and was peering in the windows.

The suspect was wearing a fluorescent vest and when confronted claimed he worked for NorthWestern Energy. He proceeded to ask several suspicious questions about the security of the home.

NorthWestern Energy confirmed that they did not have anyone working in that area at the time of the incident.  The energy company meters are all located outside of residences for convenient access. There is no need to allow access inside your home to anyone who is claiming to work for them. If you do see any suspicious activity at your home or neighbors please contact the police.

NorthWestern Energy does have survey crews that check gas meters and pipes for leaks. They also stated:

They won't ask to enter your house (they might ask to enter your backyard). You can ask to see their identification, and you call always call NorthWestern at 888-467-2669 if you have any concerns.

Below is a video detailing what NorthWestern Energy survey crews are looking for and what a routine check looks like.



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