If you head south past the Hyalite Recreation Area, you will find yourself at the start of the Palisade Falls Trail. The road up to it was an easy drive, a bit of gravel and construction, but not torturous. Quite beautiful actually. The weather was perfect, the skies were clear and the traffic was almost non-existent. I typically go during the middle of the day (I know this isn't ideal for everyone), I am sure the weekends are totally different.

I came to the Hyalite Recreation area and I was in complete aww. What a beauty! The mountains towering over the water, people boating, paddle boarding, and picnicking. I had to stop for a few pics and a light snack before my hike. It was extremely peaceful.


I head back up the mountain to go and see "the waterfall" my friend had told me about. I park and start up the trail. It's a 1.2 miles hike round trip. It was an easy hike, mostly paved which makes it nice for families that may have strollers along. Then end is not as stroller friendly, but definitely easy to access. I can tell I am getting closer, as I can hear the waterfall. After about 15 minutes of hiking, I had arrived. Palisade Falls was right in front of me. Lots of people climbing up the rocks to get as close as possible. I stayed closer to the ground, as I had a vision of me biffing it and tumbling down like tumble weed.


The site was beautiful and the sound of the falls was so calming. I could have stayed there for an hour, stuck in thought. This little day trip is worth every minute. The sites, the smells, the adventure.

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