So it's not country...but the lyrics are catchy. Two college buddies are what make up the Alternative Pop duo called Nox Holloway. They only have four singles to their name, but I feel like this hit "Montana" may be a breaking point for them, and shoot them right into the popular music scene. At least that is the hope for this duo.

Check out "Montana" HERE

"Montana" is an upbeat mix of indie and pop, and it totally works. Releasing this EP has been something the duo has been really looking forward to. Wanting to show the world their spin, their personal touch, their passion for music, and they do with all their singles.

With lyrics like:

"I might just move to Montana, buy a house for my parents

Sit around and watch baseball, with my dad and try to stay sane".

Montana is clearly a new start, a fresh take on life, a way to chill and relax according to the lyrics. A hideaway/solution for the song. And to be honest, Montana is like that. It's a place where if you look, you can really get lost in thought, the mountains bring a sense of peace to one's mind.

The EP "If Only the World Didn't Spin So Much" comes out TODAY! You check them out on their socials below.

Instagram here

Facebook here

Their official website here for merch, downloads, and contests.

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