The Gallatin Media Center is reporting that the Badger Creek Dam in Meagher County near US 12 has breached.

Badger Creek becomes Battle Creek and empties into Sixteenmile Creek just upriver from Sixteen. People in the area are encouraged to watch for a significant increase in waterflow based on what Meagher County is reporting.

Local bridges and culverts in the area could be affected. Please use caution in flooded areas as the amount of water can often be deceiving and quickly sweep vehicles and people away.

It is encouraged to avoid driving and walking in flooded water as it can unexpectedly wash people and vehicles away.  Residents are also encouraged to avoid being in locations that could be cutoff by damaged roads.

Non-residents are encouraged to stay away from the Sixteenmile Creek area.

Meagher County Fire/Facebook
Meagher County Fire/Facebook

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