Yes I know I misspelled college....  Believe it or not, I passed my English class!  School starts back up on Wednesday.  So the influx of the Bozeman population starts again. The first week is always so boring.  Teachers hand out the syllabus and tell you what's going to happen throughout the semester, then you do nothing and pretty much waste three days of vacation.

So why even go to school the first few days?  It's the schools way of easing you back into the routine.  After a month break some students don't remember how to go back to school.  So this first week there are three days of classes then a three day weekend.  Four more days of class then a two day weekend, and finally the first full week of class starts on January 24th.  Thanks for easing me back into classes MSU I think I forgot what I was doing there for a while.

Now I'm off to spend hundreds of dollars on books that I will hardly look at and most likely sell back at a fourth of the price.

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