With the coronavirus still out there, it appears that masks will be with us for the foreseeable future. One of the complaints that we hear repeatedly is that people are not wearing their masks correctly. A recent survey seems to confirm those complaints.

In 2020, Signs.com surveyed 1,000 mask owners about their mask-wearing habits. Here are the most common mistakes people make with their masks.

35% of mask wearers don't wash their hands before putting on a mask. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends washing your hands before & after removing your mask. 44% admitted to removing their masks without washing their hands first.

25% admitted to sharing a mask with someone else without washing it between uses. YUCK!!

44% of those who took the poll admitted they had worn their mask multiple times before throwing them away. The CDC says they're only effective for one day.

41% said they had tried to wash their disposable masks for re-use (they are made for single-use).

And here's, perhaps, the most worrisome of all mask mistakes. 79% admitted they do not wash their cloth face masks after each use. Guilty!

Another question we get often is: how many people do you think are wearing a mask when they are out in public? When I'm out and about, it seems to me that almost everyone is masked up. In December, a poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 73% of over 1,600 respondents said they wear a mask whenever they leave their home and are out in public.

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