In the first five days of April, Gallatin County saw 41 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. In the past six days, the county has seen only 20. According to the Montana Response Map, which is set up by the state to track cases, the county has had only one new case of COVID-19 in the past twenty-four hours.

Currently, Gallatin County has 135 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with zero deaths. Montana has only seen 12 new cases of the virus in the past day, putting our state total at 377 cases with six deaths.

Maybe we're on downside of this pandemic, at least here in Montana. If we are, keep in mind, we still need to remain vigilant and practice safe social distancing.

April 1: 79 cases (+5)

April 2: 93 cases (+14)

April 3: 101 cases (+8)

April 4: 109 cases (+8)

April 5: 115 cases (+6)

April 6: 118 cases (+3)

April 7: 119 cases (+1) *Based on changed reporting method

April 8: 120 cases (+1)

April 9: 128 cases (+8)

April 10: 134 cases (+6)

April 11: 135 cases (+1)

Credit: Montana Response Covid-19 Map
Credit: Montana Response Covid-19 Map

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