Bozeman Health recently announced that they will be ending their relationship with their current CEO and President John Hill effective on October 31st. Hill was hired in 2016 when the previous CEO and President, Kevin Pitzer, was fired when information regarding his past conduct was brought to the board's attention. This information was NOT shared during the time of his hiring.

John Hill did release a statement regarding leaving Bozeman Health:

 "The board of directors and I have mutually agreed that I will end my tenure as CEO of Bozeman Health at the end of this month,” shared John Hill. “I have the highest regard and respect for our board of directors, my executive and leadership colleagues, and the entire Bozeman Health team. They have my admiration and ongoing support as they navigate these unprecedented and complex challenges in the healthcare industry.” -KBZK

Earlier this month, according to MTN News, there were numerous complaints from employees basically asking for changes to be made.

Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash
Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash

Complaints included stressful work situations, like being required to see at least two patients every 15 minutes.

Employees also told MTN News that many in the Neurology Department have actually retired from their positions, though it's unclear exactly why. Many hospitals are struggling right now, and the healthcare industry faces many setbacks, as do its employees.

So who has Bozeman Health chosen to take over the role of CEO and President? Dr. Kathryn Bertany will be stepping in as the interim CEO and President for the time being. It seems like Dr. Bertany may have some challenges ahead of her—these are trying times, after all. We wish her and everyone in the healthcare industry the best of luck.

cc: KBZK

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