With the influx of temperatures that take place throughout Montana, people have a bit of a chip on their shoulder when it comes to electric vehicles. The fact that Montana is the 4th largest state in the United States, some people don't see how having an EV would be beneficial when traveling long distances. Well, there is good news for those who already do or plan to use an EV as their choice of transportation.

Stacker, a reliable source, has come out with a list of states that have the most EV charging stations per capita. And to my shock, Montana made the top 15 and is continuing to grow.

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Why is this shocking? Mostly because Montana is such a "remote" state, one of the last things I would think we rank in the top 20 for would have been EV charging stations. In 2022, Montana had 98 charging stations.


Is this a turn for Montana and the "future of vehicle technology"? It certainly could be.

There are numerous charging stations throughout the Bozeman area and apps you can download to find the closest charging station to you. Fast chargers are available at the locations below.

Electrify America: Target

Blink: J.C. Billion Inc

EV Connect: Ressler Cadillac, Audi of Bozeman


Supercharger (for tesla): Hilton Garden Inn

Soon charging stations will become universal, so any EV vehicle can use any charging station to get some extra juice. They won't be vehicle specific.

If you are looking for an EV option, or just want to see what all of the noise is about, you can always check out a local dealership like Kendall Ford Of Bozeman.

cc: Stacker, Kendall Ford Of Bozeman

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