Awww, beautiful Bozeman, MT. Where you have gorgeous mountains, high rent prices, and the most sensitive neighbors in all of the land. Ok, that may be a bit exaggerated, but, meh.

We call them family, we call them friends, but when they bark, we call them in.

I recently received a text from my apartment manager, who really is wonderful and I am assuming was just doing her job. And I will be truthful, the text kind of caught me off guard, but as promised I did my best to look into the issue. Don't get me wrong...there are a lot of situations where dogs will bark for hours, that is not the case here.


The text read:

Hi Megan - Hope you are doing well! Sorry to bring you not so fun news, but we are getting complaints that Dingo is barking a lot during the day and whenever anyone is outside, please look into remedies for this to not cause further disturbances. I have noticed it but it just seems like it lasts until he can't see me anymore ie when I am walking down the sidewalk and pass by the window.

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Now like I said, my manager is literally the best. She is always answering questions, solving problems, and making sure that each tenant is being heard with any concerns or complaints. So I told her I would see what I could do regarding my "barking dog".


I figured the best way for me to figure out when or if my sweet Dingo was barking, was to hook up my Ring camera in my house. That way when he barks I can press the talk button and say, "Dingo NO".

Day one went by, not one bark. Day two, there was a couple of barks, the neighbors had their dogs outside, it lasted about 2 minutes. Day three, no barks. By day four, I was over it.


I came to the conclusion that Dingo barks when he see's another dog outside our window, you know, like almost all dogs do. I also came to the conclusion that I don't really care if Dingo barks. Why? For these five reasons:

  1. He's a dog, we live in a dog friendly apartment, so barking is going to happen.
  2. He only barks when there is another dog playing outside or walking by the window.
  3. Dingo pays rent. It's $100 a month for Dingo, so in my eyes, bark away. I wouldn't call and complain if your baby cries and causes a disturbance in the middle of the night. I mean, both are members of the family...right?
  4. He literally never barks unless someone is right outside our window. Which is hardly ever. Get over it.

So to my bouji neighbors, my dog may bark a few times, that's the consequence of living in a pet friendly apartment.

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