One of my favorite memories from my childhood is jumping on my bike and riding to the bookmobile on Wednesdays to check out the latest R.L. Stine "Goosebumps" book. I always looked forward to Wednesdays because I knew that's when the bookmobile was going to be at the grocery store down the street from my parents house.

Bozeman Public Library Layout Template
Bozeman Public Library

Bozeman kids and parents alike will soon get to feel that same excitement. The Bozeman Public Library Bookmobile will be rolling around the streets of Bozeman by the end on June if everything goes as planned. The Bookmobile will have books, audio books, DVDs, playaways, large type books, and board games to check out. They will have materials for adults, teens and children. It will be a mobile library for everyone.

To learn more about the Bozeman Public Library Bookmobile, click here.

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