This makes me so sad, but it doesn't surprise me.  My 10 year old and her friends are already talking about their bodies. 

According to Fox News, most teen girls do not think they are beautiful and believe losing weight would make them more attractive.

The survey results show at least 54 percent of girls aged between 13 and 20 skip meals while 96 percent would change their body if they could.

I am trying to not let it become an issue at our house.  The word "fat" is not allowed.  We are very active, and eat pretty healthy, well balanced meals.  Yes, we eat junk food sometimes, and go out for fast food on occasion.  MODERATION is the key at our house.

I tell my kids that every body is different, and that you have to embrace what you've got!  I also have to remind myself to be careful about how I talk about my own body.

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