It has been very cold in the Bozeman area the past couple days with temperatures well below zero and the wind chill making it almost unbearable outside.  So instead of heading outside into the cold and wind, you can stay inside and try some of the activities below to pass the time.

Take a Nap

Any day is a great day for a nap, but when it's below zero outside there's nothing better than wrapping up in a cozy warm blanket and taking a long nap.

Clean your House

This isn't a fun option, but no ones wants to be stuck inside when your house is a mess.  It's easy too, throw in a load of laundry and fold it while watching a movie.

Write a Book

Anyone can read a book on a cold winter day.  But have you ever thought of writing one?  Dave already has four books under his belt and is a professional at writing them.

Cook or Bake Something

The warmest place in the house is usually the kitchen especially when you're cooking and baking something delicious.  Pop something in the oven and make the whole house smell yummy or challenge your family to a cook off.

Movie Marathon

Instead of just watching the latest movie, take advantage of extensive inside time and pick a trilogy or series of movies to finally watch them all again in order.

Catch Up With Old Friends

Giving an old friend a call and catching up with them is a great way to help time fly by.  Or if you feel more traditional you can sit down and write some letters to your old companions.

Plan a Vacation

Dream of heading somewhere warmer with lots of sun and a nice beach.

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