Freshmen are moving into campus and schools are starting, so you have to make sure you're prepared. So here is my two cents...

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    Alarm Clock

    Do not underestimate the power of a good alarm clock! Don't just rely on your cell phone, get an alarm clock that you can trust when your phone may be dead or when you forgot to charge your phone.

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    You have to keep you, your kids or your schedule organized, and the best way to do it is with a planner where every thing can be organized and written down.

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    Homework Area

    It always helped me to have a designated homework spot. That way when I was in that area, my brain was already in work mode, and I would get a lot done. Though sometimes you may need a change of scenery, having a spot or two really helps you get down to business.

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    Get to Class On Time

    Don't be that student that rolls in late. It may feel cool at the time, but it just puts you behind from the get-go and everyone in class will know you as "the late one."

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    Don't Stress Over the 1st Day Outfit

    Honestly, no one will remember what you wore on the first day back at school. Everyone is just so happy to see everyone and find out where everything is that most people won't even notice. Maybe save your good outfit for your second day or second week when everyone has taken a breath and might remember what you're wearing

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    Have a Good Breakfast

    There is a reason why when you take a test they tell you to always eat a good breakfast in the morning. You think better! It's great for your brain and your body. So do yourself a favor and have a good breakfast before heading to class.

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