Ally has been here for several months. She is loving Montana and working XL Country.

But there are still things that she hasn't told anyone yet. . . Not even Dave!

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    Ally was Born a Red Head

    Even though she dons blonde locks now, when Ally was a baby she had red hair.  With time the color faded and she became a toe-head.
    Picture: Ally at 3 months

  • Roger Weber
    Roger Weber

    Ally's a Slug Race Champion

    When Ally was about 6 years old she raced slugs one summer.  She carefully selected her prize slug and headed to the track to race.  She did quite well and ended up taking home a trophy.

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    Ally was a Mascot Handler for Wyoming

    Ally spent 3 years heading to every football game, parades, charity events and other school functions with the University of Wyoming mascot.  The mascot is a Shetland pony named Cowboy Joe.

    Photo: Ally and her fellow Cowboy Joe Handlers.

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    Ally Knows How to Ride Roman Style

    When Ally was 11 she decided to try a new form of riding called Roman Riding.  She learned how to stand on the back of two ponies and ride that way.  It took loads of practice!

    Photo: Ally riding roman style during a show.

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    Ally Loves Pink

    Ally's favorite color is pink.  She went through a phase where everything had to be pink.  Even her dorm room!  Ally's color palate had expanded since then, but she will always love pink.

    Photo: Ally's dorm room freshman year.  It Glows!

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    Ally Has Spirit

    It feels like it was forever ago... Ally used to be on the spirit squad in high school.  They would practice stunts, perform at football games, basketball games, and other school events.

    Picture: Ally with her coach after the team won the championship.

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