The eclipse will be here on Monday around 11:20 a.m. and you want to be sure that you are viewing it properly.  Here are 5 easy ways to view the eclipse:

  • 1

    Shade of a tree

    You can use tree shadows to see the eclipse. Yes really!  Make sure you find a nice leafy tree in direct sunlight and look under the tree during the partial eclipse we will get here in the Gallatin Valley. You will see lots of semi circles.  That’s what the sun looks like during the eclipse.

  • 2

    Welding Helmet

    If you happen to have a welding helmet laying around you can use this to view the eclipse.  It’s recommended that the glass is rated 12, 13 or even better 14 in order to protect your eyes sufficiently.

  • 3


    Now don’t use them to look directly at the sun!  That would be very damaging to your eyes.  BUT you can use them with a piece of paper.  Take the piece of paper and point the binoculars towards it (where your eyes go - be sure there is some space between the paper and the binoculars). Then aim the other end of the binoculars towards the sun. The binoculars work as a kind of projector.

  • 4

    Solar glasses or viewers

    If you do want glasses the Sunday edition Bozeman Gazette should have a free pair included inside.

    Be sure they are ISO certified.

  • 5

    Watch online

    If you don’t want to go outside or if you happen to be working then check it out here from NASA.

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